There were more than 10 million job openings nationwide in June, a record. Nearly 4 million workers quit their job in June, near historical highs , amid confidence they could find a better job elsewhere. Labor economists have been puzzled over why businesses have had trouble hiring and keeping workers, given there were still almost 9 million unemployed Americans actively looking for work in July. Economists believe a number of factors may be at play. For example, ongoing Covid health concerns, caregiving duties, early retirements, geographical mismatches between the unemployed and available jobs, a re-examination of worker priorities and enhanced unemployment benefits. (Data suggests the latter aren't playing a big role .) Businesses have gotten creative in their attempts to attract and retain workers given the challenges, offering perks like college tuition and retirement benefits, hiring bonuses and higher pay. A greater willingness to allow remote or hybrid work may also be learn more here on the table. But some jobs — like those in bars, restaurants and hotels — of course, can't be done remotely. In July, 46% of employees in management, business and financial operations occupations were teleworking because of the pandemic; by contrast, that was true of just 5% of service jobs, according to the U.S.
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He’s the only guy in the whole area around here. He’s a nice guy. He tried to help as he can. . . . He’s just trying to do the job as he can; unfortunately, he doesn’t have the ability to do that,” Pilipenko said. Pilipenko called out City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, saying she needs to address the police staffing issue. “Our commissioner, who’s thinking about bringing in an extra hundred police officers,” said Pilipenko, “I think she needs to finally make a decision if she wants to run this city, or she needs to step down and let somebody to do that. Because it’s her personal responsibility to protect the residents of the city.” The story quotes one Portland police sergeant: “With staffing levels like these . .