Chelsey Butler wants to support residents with up-to-date information from the Randolph County government. its my passion": Q&A with Randolph County Teacher of the Year Katie Husband Butler started her job on Sept. 16 and is currently working on updating the county website. The ability to incorporate her communications background with community service through the collaboration of Randolph County local government, its departments, and its leadership to keep the citizens informed is a responsibility that she is honored to be entrusted with. Here is what the new media/communications specialist had to say about her duties in the county. Q: What are your duties as the county's media and communications specialist?  My position reports directly to the County Manager. My role is to support our departments to ensure that citizens have access to timely information, current events and happenings regarding look at this the Randolph County government. Media communications, social media development, and content development are integral parts of effectively relaying Randolph County’s message.   Q: How do you plan to make connections in the community?
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Video shows an incident from this week where an out-of-control driver tore up a lawn, nearly slammed into cars and almost hit a house. Davis-Hall said her block requested speed humps last summer because of the drifting and street racing on the street. The Local 4 Defenders has redirected here reached out to the mayor’s office on behalf of Davis-Hall. Detroit is expected to install 5,500 speed humps by the end of the year. They are installed based on speed, amount of traffic on street and proximity to a school. You can click here to request a speed hump. "DPW unfortunately was not made aware of the existence of this video, which also should have been shared with DPD to investigate. We will take care of that ourselves in the morning so Police investigators can try to identify this dangerous driver. We understand the fear residents across the city have had due to neighborhood speeding and that’s why we expanded our speed hump program to 5,500 this year alone out of 19,000 requests.